FInished Friday: My Equalities Cowl

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Now I know what you all may be thinking: it’s not Friday! I was having a little bit of tech issues earlier and was unable to post. However the issue has been resolved and here is my finished equalities cowl! This cowl is my second completed knitting project and there are so many things I wish I could’ve done differently to it. But it;s not too shabby:)

Thanks for tuning in and have a Rockin day!

W.I.P: My Equalities Cowl

craft, knitting


here is just a picture of a cowl im working on. i got the pattern from youtube on verypinkknits channel for her sixes and threes cowl. im almost done i just need to finish the second rainbow pattern but depending on if its not long enough ill probably have to add a third:)

the hooks im using are size 6 16in bamboo circulars and all the yarn except for the rainbow print (my mom brought the rainbow print from mexico, it was in a cute lil cake so i have no idea what brand or weight it is) is red heart super saver

the red is cherry red, the orange is pumpkin, the yellow is bright yellow, the green is spring green, the blue is blue and the purple is amythyst.

once it is down ill post a finished pic of me Rockin my equalities cowl:)

have a Rockin day!