Shiny Sunday!!!


Hello everyony! and welcome to a segment of Rocky Char”s Top Dog Blog caaaalled….

Shiny Sunday!!

now whos going to be our first guest on Shiny Sunday?????


my shiny Furfrou, Scooby Doo!!

now if i recall correctly, Scooby here was my second shiny hatched. in only 15 eggs in, this beauty was born!

i looove takinh him to the Furfrou salon in Lumiose city to get his herr did:3

well, that wraps up this weeks Shiny Sunday! tune in next week for some more sparklin fun!!

Have a Rockin day!!


Pokemon 101: Masuda Method


hello everypony! Rocky Char here with a quick guide to a version of shiny hunting called…..the Masuda Method!!! *fanfare*

Now, the masuda method was originally introduced into the pokemon games by one of the developers named, you guessed it, Masuda. his goal was initially to encourage more worldly trading. what the masuda method basically is is taking two pokes from two different countries, it could be say a Froakie from japan and another Froakie or Ditto from anywhere else, and throwing them in the daycare. now to find out which country your poke is from, just look on its summary screen and next to its name should be a black box with white letters stating that pokes orgin. for example, jpn for japan, spa for spain, ger for germany…ya get the idea.

now once you have collected as many eggs as you want from mr. day care man, grab a poke with the flame body ability, (my personal faves are Talonflame and Volcarona) and head out tobcentrico plaza in the heart of lumiose city. activate your hatching o-power, hope on your bike and go round and round and round!! now since i happen to be going to school and a big knitter/crocheter i may have other things to do but still wanting to hunt for my shiny target poke. to aid me in this problem, i simply find something small, like a dime or bobby pin, and gently ease it under my circle pad, thus enabling hands free hunting!

that basically is the carrots and potatoes to the masuda method. ive hayched a shiny charmander, fenniken, furfrou, piplup, caterpie and on my recent hunt for a shiny beldum i hatched two. now, dont go into this method thinking your gonna hit the shiny pokes mega million. because as with all shiny hunting methods, it all comes down to luck.

i hope you found this blog helpful, id love to hear about which shinies you’ve hatched and i hope you have a Rockin day! 🙂